Lovely to meet you,

I’m Blaze Reedy,

Mama, Integrative Nutrition coach,  beach obsessed , yoga loving information junkie.

My passion lies in wellness –  helping people love and accept themselves, nourish their bodies correctly, thrive in the skin they are in, and adore their lives.

I believe our bodies know exactly what they need. I help people learn to  listen to what their bodies are telling them – and how to understand those  messages to gain wellness and health.

My approach is to help you undertake your own journey of discovery –  to really learn about who you are and what your body needs. From there it’s an easy step to understanding what nourishment you need in your life in the form of relationships, food and daily practices that create true happiness.

I know first hand that when we embrace who we are, have the correct support, knowledge and guidance, we learn to take care of our selves from a nourishing and respectful place.

For years I furiously burned the candle from both ends. For years I blithely pushed through exhaustion, and maintained a role as that person everyone could rely on. For years I had no idea even of the concept of self care… until a on going struggle with a health condition  walloped me with a great big wake up call. I began to understand  that health was more then eating the “right” food.

Nowadays I have studied with the best in the wellness world, qualified in  Integrative Nutrition. I have flown  for almost 10 years as a flight attendant, carried a healthy pregnancy and transitioned into Motherhood.  I have developed some pretty great strategies to making healthy taste good, making self care guilt free, and making sense  of what it means to cherish exactly the body I’m in.

Wellness is about feeling good in all areas of your life, knowing your triggers, and knowing how to stay connected to your unique needs no matter what life throws at you.

As a coach I provide fun, kind support to assist you in implementing your new knowledge of what makes you thrive into your life.

If your interested in learning more about how I can support you book in now for your free  WELLNESS CONSULT.

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