Can you imagine being truly happy with your body? Would you like to wake up every morning  and love the person you see in the mirror?


With my Wellness Coaching Programs, I will guide you step by step on your own personal journey towards making peace with your body and your plate.


I have the tools to help you truly love the skin you’re in – to discover what your body needs to be vibrantly healthy – and for you to feel amazing. I’d love to share those tools with you.


My approach is gentle, and guided by you. I won’t tell you to restrict any kind or category of food. My job is to help you uncover what makes you feel incredible, and figure out what might be holding you back from feeling that way.


Everything I do aims to help you feel:

  • Empowered and happy with your food and body
  • Fulfilled in your relationships
  • Engaged in physical activity you adore
  • Happy with your life
  • Tuned in to what you need each and every day

Lets do this!


To decide if health coaching is right for you, you can schedule a free initial consultation with me HERE. During this session we will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.


If you choose to work with me, together we can design a strategy that meets your needs, or you can choose from one of the programs below.



You are ready to love what you see in the mirror. You’ve tried lots of diets, but can’t figure out what you need to make you happy with your body.

12 week program

By weekly one on one coaching calls with me

Email support

Price- $ 700*

Payment plan available


You are flat out with a busy career and lifestyle – but you’re sick of putting your health goals on hold. You would love to reach your desired weight, fitness and energy goals, and need to do it whilst juggling everything else.

12 week program

By weekly one on one coaching calls with me.

Email support

Price – $700*

Payment plans available


You know what you need to be well and thriving, but find it difficult to get started. You would like an intensive, one-off 90minute session to help you overcome anything that might be overwhelming you or blocking you from getting started.

One 1.5 hour coaching call with me via Skype

A tailored plan

Email support for 2 weeks after call.




You’re ready to create some exciting goals and commit to an extended journey towards transforming your health. You’d love a tailor-made program designed to discover what changes to make, to meet challenges along the way, and to keep you accountable.